Monday, October 31, 2011


Kelmarin.... My mom ajak my boyfie to grab a lunch with her...
Sbb my boyfie dah nak balik KL ary ni.... N maybe for his birthday... ( maybe la )

So i've booked the table for lunch at 12.45...

I pg la ambik my mom kat her office at 12.30 mcm tu la.. My boyfie datang ngan aunty dye.. Aunty dye anta... Then kitorang makan la lunch tu ngn happy la after chatting an..

Kitorang punyer meal are..
1. Sizzling egg beancurd with salted fish
2. Fried fish with sweet n sour taste
3. Fried prawn with honey
4. Fried squid..
N hot green tea off course n i add up an apple juice for me.. As aleways.. Heehehheehee

Tu pown x abis tau kitorang makan.
really enjoy it.. Love both of u mmuuuaahhh!!

Then anta mama pg office balik... Pastu anta my boyfie kat mydin KK

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