Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nothing much...

Do u think educations are important for us?
My answer is yes!! Absolutely!
Coz educations will lead u to the best future u will ever had.. It's actually depends on a person....coz u know what , that Allah S.W.T made all of is starting from zero IQ... It's all depends on us, our surroundings, our parents, our friends and etc...

Actually , all of this can be arranged.. We decide it by our ownselves what we wanna be in the future not others....

We can choose our own friends. If we choose the good one, we will be as good as they are or better than that... If, not..... U know how it's gonna be happen right?

Back to education's topic,
Education will also give us some priority in life...we know how to differentiate which one is the most important thing for us.. With education, it also can makes people respect more about u and maybe one day u will be a good role model to others.., y? Who know's right?
Nothing in this world are impossible...... It's u, urself make something on earth are impossible bcoz ur mind are not that educated.. Even a person who are not educated., but if and only if, he or she wants that to be happen and have that kind of spirit, he or she will did it with a full of success!

Be opended guys..

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