Friday, November 18, 2011

Esok muet lagi...

Oh no!!! I'm freaking dead for tomorrow! I'm not that prepared to face the examination paper....

MUET.... MUET .... MUET ... Please be good to me... At least give me band 4.. please!! But i aim for higher band...kekkekeee

>.< just reviewing the essays and the tips... Nervous! Scared! Unprepared! Fever!

And at the same time,,,, this fever is killing me! Arggghhh so stressful! X___x

I have to study, i have to do some revison, i have to take medicine, i have to sleep coz those kind of medcine make me wanna sleep and my bed is calling me.. Oh no!!! What can i do!

Please be good to me!! Please ! Please ! I'm really beg for this one....

What can i say.... Just do some revision and pray for something good tomorrow.. And insyaAllah it will turn out great... ~amin

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