Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!

Assalamualaikum n peace be upon u!

Hari ni, bersamaan 13th of May 2012, pada pukul 9.48 pagi, genaplah usiaku 19 tahun!!!

OMG dah 19 thn? Are u serious? Rase cam baru bdk lepasan SPM jer.. Hehheee anyway, i'm really happy today maybe i think this year is a very good year for me, plus today is Mother's Day!!!

I take this oppurtunity to say that, Happy Mother's Day to my beloved mother!!! Pn.Rozana bt Daud!!
*oh rozana,,,, kau gadis idamanku* hahahaa maybe lagu ni la kot mase papa pikat mama dulu.. *just kidding!
Thanks mama coz always be there for me n all of ur hardwork to make me being who i am today.. Thanks coz being so supportive n u are the best person in my life also a bestfriend for me.. Love u mama!!!

Btw, thanks to All of u out there for the wishes!!! I really really really really appreciate it, n insyaAllah all of ur prays for me will be a reality one day! insyaAllah ~amin....

And just now, my family and i had really a great dinner tonight n all of us really enjoyed the food n had a good time!

Thanks once again.. Love u guys!
Happy Mother's Day to mama and Happy Birthday to me!!! Yeay!! *turn the birthday song please*

Okay, got to go!

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