Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Xsabar nk tunggu Raya Haji!

Long time no blogging!
Hehehhehehhehehehe :)

Anyway, knp entry ni pasal topic "xsabar nk tunggu Raya Haji"?
Hell yeah! Sbb nk jumpe mama n papa la off course! Miss them! Missing my siblings toooooooo :D

So excited! Tahun ni xraye kat Kelantan.. My parents will come to my place and pick me up to celebrate our eid day in Malacca! Yeay... Excited LOL!

New things to me.. Sbb akan beraye kat kampung org! Tapi i still kene study sbb EOM untuk module 2 on 09/11/2012! Padahal baru je abis EOM module 1 kelmarin.. Hehheheheee nasebla! Sape suruh nk jadi budak medic kan..

Well out of topic kejap...... :-p
But still can't wait to meet all of them! I wanna hug them! Share my story with them! Heheeee love u guys so much!

But...... Pity my dear Ameer Ahmad, coz on 25/10/2012, it's his birthday and too bad that i can't celebrate with him ;'( sorry my dear.. I know u feel the same. Don't you worry dear, i still have a surprise for u! Wait untill then ayte! Heehhehehehhee love u!

I think that's all!

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