Monday, December 10, 2012

demam :(

Assalamualaikum n peace be upon u...

too bad that i've fever last 4 days... coz last week a very damn busy week for me!!!
sorry coz xleyh nk tell all  of u about my experience for latihan medan tu... :(

anyway, that latihan medan is quite interesting n exhausting!!!! huhhhhh
but i think i've learned something from that camp... *think so
yeah about teamwork, about to handle a group... give command, CPR...

mase kat latihan medan tu, kitorang kene buat ujian kawad kaki. one by one have to gave command... about 21 commands i think for each person. and kitorang jugak ade ujian CPR pade sebelah petangnya... the rest semua LDK.... 

CPR quite ok walaupon kene buat one by one... tapi x mendebarkan berbanding ujian kawad tu... ^^

a part from that.... demam is so bad!!! don't like it.... tapi ade hikmah di sebaliknya awa.....think about that... tapi bile je demam pikir nak balik rumah la tu la ni la.... nak mama!!!! miss my family so much!!
nk balik... x sabar nk tunggu christmas.. my family dtg KL !!! yeay!!

dapat la shopping with my mom n my dad!!! like it so much.... :D

i think that's all from me...  coz nk continue study.. bye-bye!!! love ya...

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