Tuesday, December 25, 2012

new bag

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon u!

long time no post right?
hhehehhheehehe.... baru je nak abis cuti for christmas... like i say, my parents dtg KL kan for christmas.. so ade la pergi shoppng skit2.... but i missed them already! nk balik Kelantan jugak,..... :'( 

anyway, i've got a new bag... school bag actually... it's a campus life right... sbb my old converse bag tu dah nk koyak... tapi still used it.. sampai betol2 rosak baru i'll be using the new one! ngeeeeeeeee :D

about the new bag,  aritu jalan2 ngan my mom at Sunway Pyramid.... then passing by the Converse store, so, i ternampak straight away focus at this bag... TRIBAL pattern... OMG!!!!! i'm loooking for this bag, exactly like this one long time ago!!! yeah!! finally got it....

and then straight away i masuk kedai Converse tu and ask for my mom permission to buy it!! hehehhehee FINALLY! YES!  terus beli tau! dah la tu yang the last ONE... emph emph emph epmh... kalau la i xnampak that bag awal2, mesti org laen yg akan beli kan....

hehehee sorry!! i'm a lil bit shoppaholic... then not just that bag i'd shopped that day, include blouses, handbag, shirts, belts n so on.... 

i'll show u the pic! hope u all like it..

bubbye XOXO.. muuuaahh! ;-*

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