Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Finally it's over!

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you,

tentu semua orang dah boleh agak dah an entry ni pasal ape???? hehehhehee of course la pasal my final exam for this semester. it's finally over guys and i can't wait to go home.... this friday i will take a flight back to KB.... :D kalau boleh nak senyum sampai ke telinga....~ngeeee

hari ni, after OSPE, kitorang terus keluar pergi KLCC sbb nk releasekan tension..... pergi tengok wayang sampai 2 movies, 1st : Last Stand, 2nd : MAMA....dua2 best! really enjoyed the movie..

ade yang LAST STAND je, MAMA duk ngan Syaze...

one more thing, dah alang2 pergi KLCC tu ape lagi kan, kalau x cuci mate tgk kedai2 yang SALE!!! and THAT SALE CAUGHT ME!! sbb i dah beli 2 pairs of jeans * rainbow jeans* i mean jeans yang colour2 la kan at UNIQLO.... at least i bought something for my own satisfaction right? kekekkekee :)
1 kiki's and 2 are mine :D

and i xlupe jugak belikan my mom Garret's popcorn yang my mom been craving for it for a long time ago... finally had time to bought it for her.... Almond Caramel one.. BEST! thumbs up!

try this! best giller! ;)
i think that's all i bought for today, tomorrow will be another one....hahahahahaaa naseb baikla JPA xmasok lagi, kalau dah masuk ni memanag borong semua la kedai yang ade SALE tadi an? hehhehee well, u know me! I'm shoppaholic guys! SORRY!

coz we are cool liddat and future doctors :p
that's all for today, still can't wait to go back home!!!!! miss them already! :*

bubbbye guys! thanks for reading my ugly entry! love u :* XOXO.. :P

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