Friday, February 15, 2013

it's not a valentine's but it's our anniversary...

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon u!.. HYE EVERYONE. ... *in excited mood* ~weeeeee

just the same with the title above there *tangan tunjuk atas* hehhehehhee, it's not a valentine's day but it's our anniversary ( ameer ahmad and me!!) ...'s been 2 years we are together.. hari Rabu lepas kitorang dapat  kluar sbb on 11.02.2013 tu, kitorang xdapat kluar... sob2 kan? takpe la at least dapat jugak kluar kan... and bende yang paling sweet terjadi on that day was, he gave me 11 0f red roses!!!! awww i'm melting straight away i saw that roses in his hand.... until now i terbayangkan his face with that roses... OH MY GOD!!!! awww so sweet of you my dear!

thanks a lot my dear! u really make me happy sepanjang kite in a relationship.. walaupon ade je bende buat kite gaduh la tu la ini la... but it's really have made memories for us! Love u so much my dear teddy!. all those memories between us are meant a lot to me! i hope u think so too... :) 

at this moment, only you and my family can make me happy... thanks once again because you are always there when i need you! thanks because sanggup hadir dalam hidup and diary seorang insan bernama Nur Syafiqah Najwa Binti Zulkifli.. love u Ameer Bin Ahmad..

miss him ;-*

red roses, teddy bear, card

le me with that happy face... :D

can't express with words.. :0 *surprise mode

lunch with him at Chiangmai Restaurant

sedih sbb kene tinggalkan this roses kat rumah *off to KL... sobs2

Hope my teddy read this post! 
love u guys too... bubbye XOXO mmmuuuaaaahhh!! :-* :-* :-*

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