Sunday, August 25, 2013

I wish i can have this...

Assalamualaikum n peace be upon u guys!

Long time no write... Hihihihhhhiii

Well, about my entry today is, i wish i can have this cute little polaroid! Oh my god... I'm so in love with it.... ;)

I really want it! But, who's gonna buy this for me????? Ahhahahhahaa good question! Well imma waiting for it.... I want it so badly!

I hope one day i will gonna own it myself... Hihihihihihhhhiii... ;) pray for myself! I'm gonna get it for myself! By hook or by crook! So i have to save some money to buy it or my parents will buy it for me... Hope so they will buy it for me... Kekkekeekeee :B

Bubbye.... Love u!

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